At Alpha Manufacturing, we strive to provide a 'one stop shop' for production of your medical device needs. We provide prototyping services, advice manufacturing for instrument and implant manufacturing capabilities under one roof.


We undertake prototype development work on new components and can provide a full pre-production to final manufacturing service.

Contract Manufacturing

  • Engineering Support
    • Design Feasibility Support
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Reverse Engineer

Quality Inspection


Vendor Managed Inventory

Our customers have earned the highest level of respect, which is why we deliver 'dock to stock' and 'package complete'. We are familiar with the industry packaging standards and labeling requirements including bar coding.

Instrument Rebuild, Reconditioning and Redesign Services

In today's cost-consciuos environment, the medical community is looking for ways to prolong instrument life and minimize the impact of new instrument purchases. Our highly trained and experienced craftsmen have been performing surgical instrument repairs for decades, elevating their skill and attention to detail to a fine art. All component parts are cleaned, repaired or replaced. The instrument is then precision aligned and adjusted to exacting specifications using the latest technologies. In addition, the tool is lubricated and polished to its original condition.

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Design / R&D

While Alpha Manufacturing can make your parts to print, we specalize in understanding the scope of your parts and project. With our machining knowledge and engineering background, one of our goals is to help you better optimize your design for manufacturability and how we can make it work for you the first time around.

Turnkey Solutions